Would you like to apply for disability or look for employment?


Go the website and select Benefits under Information by Topic.  Next, choose to select available resources nationally, by state or both.  If you are participating in a local support group or online, request guidance from those who have already "walked the walk"  and get the benefit of your peer's experience; and/or

If you were working before your brain injury, contact your employer’s human resources/personnel department for advice regarding eligibility for state disability, social security benefits (SSDI, SSI) or your employer's disability plan; and/or

If you have a medical provider or received rehabilitation, contact your medical provider or the case manager/social worker at the rehabilitation center for assistance in obtaining benefits.

If you want to work and are receiving social security benefits, go to the website of the Social Security Administration.

If you need assistance in finding work, contact your local vocational rehabilitation agency.  

 If you have additional needs, return to "I have been diagnosed with a brain injury," or "I am helping someone whose life has been affected by brain injury" OR select the "go back one page" feature.