How do I add a resource to the BIC Blue Book?

1. Go to the BIC Blue Book by clicking here or click on the "Blue Book" menu on the Home Page under "Programs and Services."  You'll see "BIC Blue Book" on the third line on the left, "Add Entry" on the right and the "Search" feature in the middle.

NOTE: You must be registered on the BIC website to submit an entry.

2. Click on "Add Entry" to submit a listing and complete the form that pops up:

All fields with * are required.

  1. Title *: The name of the entity or individual providing a service or product
  2. Address 1:  Street Address
  3. Address 2: PO Box
  4. City: (Self explanatory)
  5. State: (Self explanatory)
  6. Postal/Zip Code: (Self explanatory)
  7. County: (Self explanatory)
  8. Country *: (Self explanatory)
  9. Email: (Self explanatory)
  10. Website: (Self explanatory)
  11. Contact Person: (Self explantory)
  12. Phone: (Self explanatory)
  13. Fax: (Self explanatory)
  14. Toll Free Number: (Self explanatory)
  15. TTY/TTD: (Self explanatory)
  16. Description: Describe your mission/purpose
  17. Logo: Add your logo if you have one
  18. Icon: Add an icon if you have one
  19. Meta Keywords:
  20. Meta Description:
  21. Select a Category: You can add this entry in up to 5 categories

* Required


  • Advocacy
  • Alternative/Holistic Services and Products
  • Assistive Technology
  • expand Blogs
  • expand Brain Injury OrganizationsBusinesses
  • Caregiver
  • Counseling
  • Caregiver Resources
  • Disability Resources, Services & Programs
  • expand Educational Institutions
  • Government Organizations
  • Housing
  • expand Legal
  • Links 2 Only Website Resources
  • expand Medical
  • expand Military Resources
  • expand Nonprofits
  • Online Resource
  • Other
  • Other Health Conditions or Diseases
  • Professional Organizations
  • Research
  • Safety and Prevention
  • expand Support Groups/Networks
  • Survivor Websites
  • Working with a disability
  • Web Hosting
  • Behind the Scenes

Category Description:
A description will be added automatically when you select the first category.

If none of the categories are applicable to your service or program, contact the BIC Team and send them the name of your business and your suggestion.

3.  Check "I accept the terms of use of this Company."
4.  Select "Send" to submit your entry to the BIC TeamNOTE: Your listing will not show up until it has been approved by the BIC Team.

  • Saturday, 03 March 2012